Client Reviews

Pete Blackburn // senior writer at fox sports, Co-host of Brunch

"We are in no way ashamed to say that the most common question we get about our podcast is who does the art. Kathy is a supremely gifted artist who consistently comes up with fun, eye-catching stuff. If we aren't quite sure what we want, she makes something perfect. If we have a specific idea, she makes it better than we could have possibly expected. We have been blown away by what Kathy has been able to produce for us."


"Kathy handled web development for our NEBDA association, and her effective design skills and networking implementations resulted in our 2015 annual academic conference setting a new high for conference registrants. Her work was superlative."

James wightman // co-founder of rebel advisors

"As a small business owner I was so thankful to have found Kathy to work with. Her design style is unique, professional, and eye catching. Most importantly, she takes the time to understand the goals of our business and the audience we're trying to reach. Taking our feedback positively throughout the process while also imparting knowledge with us to help us achieve our goals, moving further faster. She's exactly the person you want to hire if you're seeking someone that will provide the care and attention you deserve."

Additional Praise

Dave lozo // CO-HOST OF puck soup at nerdist, writer for vice canada

"To hire Kathy Polo is to hire an artist and influencer ahead of her time. Her creativity is unmatched and the fact that it has been mimicked by others and sought after by large organizations speaks to her abilities. Do not let her get away from you, because it will be something you regret immediately, eventually or both."

ian mclaren // nhl news editor and writer of the score

"In my role as an NHL news editor for theScore, I have the opportunity to not only consume a variety of sports­related content, but also to connect with like­minded people on various social media platforms who work towards the good of the community.

In my estimation, Kathy represents the best of both streams.

Kathy produces some of the most creative and professional designs and illustrations within the community. On top of that, she is a brilliant writer and communicator, blending wit and humor with a deep social consciousness."

DAVE shapiro // founder of blueseat blogs

"I am familiar with Kathy's work, and have been impressed with the effort and creativity shown in these projects. She has been able to capitalize on popular hockey stories with creative and humorous graphics. Her work with emojis seemed to spark a league trend in releasing team emoji keyboards across the iOS platforms. She is always looking to find ways to link pop culture with hockey in an effort to grow her brand and the sport. I have been and continue to be a supporter of her endeavors."

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