I Broke Down the Rangers Game Using Only Dave Matthews Lyrics

Look, you read the title of this post. You know why you’re here. You’re not here because you want a thorough analysis of the game. You’re not here because you want my take on the effectiveness of the Yandle-Girardi pairing. No. You’re here because you may be tired of the same narrative berating the Blueshirts. You’re here because you may want a fix equal parts big hockey and the GrooGrux King.

And if the above is true (I suspect it would be), you’re welcome. Here is your recap of Sunday night’s game against the Washington Capitals, narrated entirely (seriously) using Dave Matthews Band lyrics. Enjoy.

"Tables turned again,
And you my friend,
You and I face each other all time and time again"

"Take these chances…"

"Caught you just then, hands were in the cookie jar
How can we share when you sneak up and go?
I've no intention of losing my beard"

"Yes I will call this...


"Sitting in a box away from the world out there"


"People ask you what you’re doing’ now
You don’t even know what to say"

"It seemed so unnerving
Still somehow deserving"

"I did it
Guilty as charged
I did it
It was me right or wrong
I did it


"Willing to punch it out
Right, wrong, weak, strong"


"There’s no place here
What were you expecting?
Not room for both
Just room for me"


"The space between the bullets in our firefight
Is where I’ll be hiding, waiting for you"

"Every dog has its day, every day has its way of being forgotten ––
Mom it's my birthday!"


"Look here, look here,
Bloated, floating,
Go belly down"

"Seems an odd way to try and make things right"

"It’s a typical situation in these typical times"


"Probably get it wrong as much as I get it right"

"But nothing seems good enough to defend
So I am going away, I’m going away…


"Everything good needs replacing........"


"We gotta do much more than believe
If we really wanna change things"

"Oh, one by one, could we turn it around
Maybe carry on just a little bit longer"

"Excuse me please, one more drink"

"Here dancing with the GrooGrux King"


"Fill up your head
Fill up your heart
And take your shot"

"Why are you different? 
Why are you that way?"


"War is the most vulgar madness
And winters can be so cruel"

"I will go in this way and find my own way out"


"Thinks, “Hey, How did I come to this?”

"Where are you going?"

"This is the last stop
Here there’s more than is showing up
Hope that we can break it down"

"Maybe its a game
You win some and you lose some...."

So there you have it. 60 minutes of play in 9 DMB albums. Stay tuned next month when I hit rewind and cover a game with my friend, Freddie Mercury.

[All GIF's created by me. Do what you want with them.]

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